District Attorney / Coroner

The Oswego County District Attorney's Office prosecutes all level of crimes and offenses that occur in Oswego County. The District Attorney's Office appears in Oswego County Court on an almost daily basis, prosecuting felony offenses. The office regularly presents cases to the Grand Jury, which may issue an indictment on felony cases. The District Attorney's Office also makes bail recommendations on felony arrests.

Additionally, the District Attorney's Office appears in the 24 town, village, and city courts throughout the county, prosecuting traffic tickets, violations, and misdemeanor offenses. Prosecutors appear in both Oswego City Court and Fulton City Court on a weekly basis and appear in most town / village courts on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, depending upon the preference of the local magistrate.

In addition to prosecuting crimes in court, the District Attorney's Office provides legal advice and counsel to all police agencies in Oswego County relative to specific criminal investigations. Prosecutors provide guidance on issues such as search and seizures, sufficiency of evidence, and statutory / constitutional questions. Additionally, the office assists police agencies in obtaining necessary subpoenas and/or court orders to gather evidence to develop a case.

The District Attorney's Office makes every effort to obtain input from crime victims regarding the outcome or disposition of a case, as well as the victim's view regarding sentencing. Prosecutors work to obtain justice for victims who have suffered a loss as a result of a crime, which includes obtaining restitution for: the value of stolen property, the cost of repairing damaged property, or reimbursement for medical expenses resulting from assaults. Victim advocates are located at the District Attorney's office, courtesy of Services to Aid Families (SAF).

The District Attorney's Office takes a proactive stance on stopping the production and distribution of illegal drugs in the county. Three investigators from the District Attorney's Office are assigned to the Oswego County Drug Task Force. The DA investigators also maintain and operate the county's Drug Tip Line, which is 315-349-8222 or 888-728-9535.

District Attorney Oakes also serves and acts as the Coroner for Oswego County, which involves investigating the cause, manner, and circumstances of unattended and suspicious deaths that occur in the county, which includes Lake Ontario and Oneida Lake. Oakes serves as legal advisor to the New York State Association of County Coroners and Medical Examiners (NYSACCME).

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