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The Oswego County Health Department works to protect and preserve the health of all our residents by tailoring our efforts in a cost-effective manner to strengthen and preserve a healthy community. Local communities have been identified by the New York State Public Health Council as having the greatest impact on health by their unique ability to intervene in the causes of poor health. We are committed to the basic principle that a healthy population is a necessary foundation of a vigorous community.

Public Health is Community Health...


  • EEE Fact Sheet

  • West Nile Virus Fact Sheet

  • What should I do during mosquito spraying?

  • Kontrol 30-30 MSDS

  • Kontrol 30-30 Label

  • Permethrin Fact Sheet

  • DEET Fact Sheet

  • Picaridin Fact Sheet
  • Map of Toad Harbor

    Area marked within the black boundary is scheduled for aerial spraying the evenings of Aug. 8 and 9.

    Information about EEE: